NEC Electra Elite IPK CPUI(200)-U20 Central Processing Unit



The CPUI(200)-U20 ETU is the Central Processing Unit for the system. This ETU has a Central Processing Unit and a Microprocessing Unit. A 32-bit microprocessor executes the programs stored on the Flash ROM ICs of the MPU unit. This controls the entire system when data is transferred to and from other ETUs.

This ETU provides the following items:

  • Time Division Switch (TDSW)
  • Static Random Access Memory (SRAM)
  • 32-bit Processor
  • 25 MHz Clock
  • 4-channel DTMF Receiver (PBR)
  • Sixteen 4-party Conference Circuits
  • Internal (digital music) Music-on-Hold source
  • External Music-on-Hold input (also used for station background music)
  • Flash ROM (FROM)
  • Call Progress and DTMF Tone Generator
  • Memory Backup Battery (Retains memory for approximately 21 days)
  • Key Function (KF)/Multifunction (MF) Registration

The Port Key Unit allows the system to be configured as an Expanded Port Package. If the PKU 192-U is not installed, the system is configured as a Basic Port Package; if it is installed, the system is configured as an Expanded Port Package.

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