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  • Accessories , Cameras & DVRs

    Adhesive Mount for HDH‐4000C – HDH-MOUNT

    Place additional mounts in different vehicles to easily switch the car camera from one vehicle to another without the need to remove the mount.

  • Accessories , Cameras & DVRs

    DC Power Adaptor for DP-210/DP-210WH – DP-ADPT

    This DC power adaptor is ideal for those that would like to move the Vehicle Black Box Car Camera between vehicles without the need to constantly relocate the DC power cable.

  • Accessories , Cameras & DVRs

    Drive Proof GPS Antenna – HDH-ANT

    Optional Drive Proof GPS Antenna use to capture video, audio, G-force and GPS for the Drive Proof car camera touch screen. Item HDH-4000C

  • Accessories , Cameras & DVRs

    Extended 7hr Battery for DVR506, DVR509 & DVR540W – A1039

    Need more battery life for your DVR506, DVR509 or DVR540W? Purchase the A1039 for 7 hours of battery life. You can also purchase an external charger A1042 to keep one charged and ready at all times.

  • Accessories , Cameras & DVRs

    Hardwire Kit for Drive Proof DP Series – DP-Wire

    With this accessory you can hard wire the car camera directly to the fuse panel.

  • Accessories , Cameras & DVRs

    LawMate Battery Charger – A1042

    Charge 2 Batteries at one time using the LawMate Dual Battery Charger system.

  • Accessories , Home Security Surveillance

    Three Hour Battery – A1038

    When you need more than one battery for your DVR506, DVR509 or DVR540W buy the A1038. You can hot swap it for the battery in the unit. You can also buy an external charger to keep one charged and ready at all time – see A1042.