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  • Camera/DVR Sets , Handheld DVRs

    Handheld DVR with Screen Button Camera Kit – DVR5091

    This LawMate DVR and camera are the perfect combo for the casual user. Easy plug and play mobility on the camera and standard or motion activated recording modes featured on the DVR make the DVR5091 a go-to choice for the DIY DVR enthusiast

  • Camera/DVR Sets , Cameras & DVRs

    HD DVR with Button Camera Set – DVR520

    KJB’s answer to the covert body worn DVR and Button Camera kit, this system is an affordably priced, high quality hand held DVR. Equipped with 1080P resolution, motion activated recording, and enough battery for mobile surveillance, nothing beats this durable HD DVR kit.

  • Camera/DVR Sets , Handheld DVRs

    HD Touch Screen Handheld DVR & 1080P Camera Kit – DVR517

    We’ve conveniently bundled the handheld DVR506 and the C1023 1080p camera into an easy surveillance combo.

  • Camera/DVR Sets , Handheld DVRs

    LawMate Hand Held DVR with camera – DVR509

    The simple to use entry level DVR and button camera set from LawMate. With just the features you need for a stationary or body worn device.

  • Camera/DVR Sets , Handheld DVRs

    LawMate Wi-Fi DVR and Button Camera set – DVR540W

    This palm size covert button camera and Wi-Fi enabled handheld DVR, allows you to access live action in HD from any smart device.

  • Camera/DVR Sets , Home Security Surveillance

    USB DVR Kit – C1195

    The C1195 is a do-it-yourself 4 camera wireless security system capable of providing remote video access. The 4 Camera system has fewer wires than most systems making installation easier while offering night vision recording and a fully equipped surveillance recording software program.