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  • Detection , DIY Detection

    iProtect RF Wireless Signal Detector – DD12031

    This product is the right fit for both the professional and novice user looking to remove or disable unwanted surveillance threats. The DD12031 uses a built in antenna, increased bar graph indicator, and vibration alerts to indicate the existence of any nearby surveillance threats. Equipped with a short range antenna, the device performs better than most detectors in populated environments …

  • Detection , Home Security Surveillance

    Multi-Channel Detector for Wireless Protocols – DD1207

    Designed as a Smartphone and GPS detection devices the DD1207 offers highly sophisticated portable detection in an easy to operate handheld scanner. Capable of detecting the most common digital cellular frequencies, the system offers the ability to adjust the antenna sensitivity while either scanning the entire frequency spectrum or simply scanning one spectrum at a time, such as GSM.

  • Detection , Home Security Surveillance

    Professional Digital RF Detector – DD1206

    The DD1206 is a sophisticated handheld radio frequency detection device that incorporates the ability to detect nearly any type of wireless protocol including digital frequencies such as Wi-Fi and analog frequencies reaching up to 6Ghz in range. Making this detection device extremely successful at finding unwanted surveillance threats are the two different antennas users can deploy and the demodulation feature …

  • Detection , DIY Detection

    RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand – DD12051

    This RF detection wand, easily fits in user hand to conceal action while sweeping for bugs of different types. Perfect fit for both professional and novice users, simple to use, and allows operator to locate the source. Keep your conversations to yourself with the RF Detector wand.