Norstar SMDR5 (Station Message Detail Recorder 5)- NT8B95AK



Norstar SMDR5 (Station Message Detail Recorder 5)

  • (Model# NT8B95AK)

Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) serves as an interface that lets the user track basic call detail information by: all calls, outgoing calls only, calls with an account code, or by long distance calls. Connected to any station port, it provides basic reports in Norstar or Meridian 1 format. The unit is the interface to import call detail information into Norstar PC Applications software. Features:

  • Provides Interface to PC or Printer
  • Records caller ID
  • Tracks outgoing and incoming calls
  • Captures Call Line Identification
  • Real Time Reporting of Call Status
  • Requires One Station Port Requires Serial Connection

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