Norstar Fiber Applications Module Voicemail R4.0.4C (2 Port)




Norstar Fiber Applications Module Voicemail R4.0.4C (2 Port)

  • (Model# NT5B74-4.0.4C-2)

Norstar Voice Mail provides advanced voice processing and auto attendant features integrated with the Norstar telephone systems and provides language support for English, Spanish, and French. The simplicity of telephone display prompting and activation through soft keys on the telephone is extended to the voice messaging application. The Norstar Applications Module (NAM) can be expanded to 32 channels to provide support for other applications like ACD and IVR, with a maximum of 16 channels for Norstar Voice Mail. The system supports up to 1000 mailboxes and standard message storage time on Release 4.0 systems is 100 hours. Hardware includes the NAM unit, with 4.0 software already loaded, and a fiber optic cable spool to connect the NAM II?s Media Services Base Interface Card (MS BIC) to a Modular ICS fiber expansion cartridge. The Dial By Name application is also included in diskette format for loading onto the NAM. Other options available with Norstar Voice Mail 4.0 are Fax Messaging, AMIS and Digital Networking and Desktop Messaging. All Norstar Voice mail Release 4.0 systems will ship with 16 MB of RAM memory. Norstar Voice Mail Release 4.0 is compatible with Norstar DR5 3×8, DR5 6×16, DR5 8×24, Centrex Plus, Modular ICS T1, Modular ICS XL and XC, and Compact ICS. In addition to advanced voice messaging standard features, Norstar Voice Mail is also packaged with MINUET ACD and Norstar Voice Mail Manager. MINUET provides small businesses and departments with a cost effective tool to manage and organize how calls are distributed within an organization and is designed for the entry level call center with up to 10 active agents. The MINUET ACD applications were designed for the Norstar Application Module (NAM) and runs in conjunction with Norstar Voice Mail Release 4.0 systems. MINUET is supported on up to 4 channels and can share channels with Norstar Voice Mail. System requirements for MINUET are Modular ICS, Compact ICS Release 1 software or greater, Modular or Compact DR5 Release 11.07 or higher, and Disconnect Supervision on Norstar systems. MINUET also required 16 MB RAM on the NAM.Norstar Voice Mail Manager (NVM Manager) is a Windows application for performing a number of common administration activities on Norstar Voice Mail Release 4.0 systems. NVM Manager runs on a customer provided PC equipped with either Microsoft Windows 95 or Microsoft Windows NT software which can be direct connected to the NAM via the serial interface or can access the NAM equipped with the new on board ethernet port or a customer provided NIC card over the customer?s data network. More Information

  • 4 Voice Channels
  • 1000 Mailboxes
  • 100 Hours of message storage time
  • Fiber Cable Interface; Connects to Norstar System thru Fiber Expansion Port
  • 2 Port or 6 Port fiber expansion card is needed for the Fiber NAM
  • 4.0 Software
  • ACD Capable
  • NIC Card (Optional) is required for use of (NVM Manager) / PC Based Application
  • Compatible with the following: Norstar 3×8, Norstar 6×16, Norstar 8×24, Norstar MICS, Norstar CICS

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