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  • Cameras , Home Security Surveillance

    1080P HD Button Camera Set – C1023

    The perfect Mate for any of our DVR’s. This little button camera comes with a big image in 1080P making our LawMate DVR’s full HD.

  • Cameras , Home Security Surveillance

    720P Color Button Camera Kit – C1022

    A cost effective HD LawMate Button Camera Kit. Works with all our DVR’s. It’s covert design gives you the ability to record anywhere while wearing the button like camera.

  • Cameras , Home Security Surveillance

    CMOS 1080P Color Camera Cone Lens – C1025

    This lightweight easily hidden camera comes with a cone lens that makes it a easier to put up against a flat surface like a drop ceiling.

  • Cameras , Home Security Surveillance

    Covert Button & Screw CCD Camera – C1020

    This covert button and screw camera offer the best in body worn surveillance. A color camera with your choice of button or screw lens covers can be easily disguised so that capturing video is confidential.

  • Body Worn , Cameras

    Earphone-Style Wired CCD Camera – C1176

    Miniature-sized earphone-type wired camera, for covert surveillance application use. Features a high-resolution camera and a low-power consumption CMOS camera.

  • Cameras , Home Security Surveillance

    Handbag Covert Camera – C1162

    Whether you wear it over the shoulder or place it on a flat surface, this covert handbag is a perfectly disguised hidden camera. The bag is designed to be large enough for your personal belonging and still has enough room for the recording device you’ll need to record the color video from the built in pinhole camera.

  • Handheld DVRs , Home Security Surveillance

    HD Micro DVR – DVR005

    The DVR005 can easily be described as the smallest, most durable DVR available. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this DVR is designed with a metal housing and is perfect for both mobile and stationary recording.

  • Handheld DVRs , Home Security Surveillance

    HD Micro DVR with Camera – DVR006

    The DVR006 is a micro HD DVR with a built-in color camera. Equipped with an internal HD color camera and a 5MP HD camera input the micro DVR is suitable for mobile and stationary surveillance.

  • Camera/DVR Sets , Handheld DVRs

    HD Touch Screen Handheld DVR & 1080P Camera Kit – DVR517

    We’ve conveniently bundled the handheld DVR506 and the C1023 1080p camera into an easy surveillance combo.

  • Camera/DVR Sets , Handheld DVRs

    LawMate Wi-Fi DVR and Button Camera set – DVR540W

    This palm size covert button camera and Wi-Fi enabled handheld DVR, allows you to access live action in HD from any smart device.

  • Home Security Surveillance , KJB Security

    Outdoor/Indoor Camera for Zone Shield QUAD and QUAD LCD – C1194

    A complement to our Zone Shield QUAD and QUAD LCD product line! When you need more than just a covert camera to complete your surveillance system, add the C1194 to any of our Complete wireless products as your 2nd, 3rd or even 4th camera. &

  • Cameras , Home Security Surveillance

    Power Cable Cord Camera – C1184

    The C1184 is a power cable hidden camera and is one of the most secretive hidden camera designs ever. Hidden inside the head of the connector, the camera lens is virtually undetectable with the human eye.

  • Body Worn , Handheld DVRs

    Thumb Size Camcorder – DVR0071

    A camera this small puts being a detective in the palm of your hand. Capable of taking videos or photos, this tiny camcorder records directly to a micro memory card for excellent covert evidence.

  • Body Worn , Cameras

    Tie Clip Camera – C11741

    Clip on this tiny pinhole camera and receive high resolution video output from the tie clip camera. The C11741 is one of the best disguises for the professional blending seamlessly with your business suit and tie.