Toshiba EKT6510-H 10 Button Handsfree Phone CHARCOAL




Toshiba EKT6510-H 10 Button Handsfree Phone CHARCOAL

  • (Stock# EKT6510-H)

The Toshiba Strata EKT6510H phone is an Electronic Key Telephone. The Toshiba EKT-6510H phone has 10 buttons and comes in charcoal. Toshiba EKT6510H phones are compatible only with other Toshiba EKT phones, and do not work on the DKT digital system.

  • Electronic telephone
  • 10 button phone
  • Not a Speakerphone
  • Handsfree Intercom
  • Comes in charcoal
  • Toshiba EKT6510H phones must work on a Toshiba Electronic phone system such as a Strata VIe
  • Refurbished
  • Toshiba telephone comes with handset, new line cord, and new handset cord

The Toshiba EKT-6510H is a handsfree mute phone, but does not have a microphone built in so you cannot talk without holding the handset.  Toshiba EKT-6510H has a speaker built in so you can hear when people do paging or if you are on hold you can listen to the music on hold without holding the actual handset, but once it is time for you to speak and be heard you must pick the handset up.  The Toshiba EKT-6510H will support up to 10 incoming phone lines and must be used on a phone system as its not a standalone phone.   The image displayed is for illustrative purposes only and may not be the product listed