Toshiba DADM-2020 20-Button Add-On Module NEW




Toshiba DADM-2020 20-Button Add-On Module NEW

  • (Stock# DADM-2020)

This item is a Toshiba DADM20202 20 Button Add on Module for DKT 2000  series phones. It requires a Toshiba DKT 2000 Series phone present and cannot be used by itself. It has 20 more buttons for programmable features and speed dials to add to a Toshiba DKT 2000 phone unit.  The feature buttons can be co line access, direct station selection, and station or system speed dial. Up to 2 DADM can be attached to a telephone and provide 40 buttons to supplement the telephone’s 10 or 20 buttons. Connects to any 2000 series digital telephone and shares the station port of the host DKT.

This is not compatible with regular telephone lines; it requires a Toshiba Phone System

20 button direct station selector Used on the DK Digital Toshiba phone system Add-on Module for DKT2000 Series Phones Maximum 2 per DKT telephone

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