Samsung Starmail 2 Port Voice Processing System



Samsung Starmail 2 Port Voice Processing System

  • (Model# Smail-2P)

Samsung’s Starmail has all the necessary recordings and prompts to work right out of the box. Or you can record your gretings in your own voice. Use it to answer all incoming calls, as a back-up to an operator, or simply as a voice messaging system. Starmail’s fast, accurate, call routing improves customer satisfaction and increases employee productivity.

Callers never get a busy signal or an unanswered phone. If an extension is busy or unavailable, the caller may be redirected to a voice mailbox, another extension, or the operator. And any mailbox can alert a digital tone or pager, so you won’t miss important calls. Starmail grows with your business. Modular expansion lets you buy only what you need now, from two to eight ports and six or twelve hours of message time.

Auto attendant offers 6 menu levels and 40 branches for simple or comlex call routing structures. Up to 600 voicemail boxes my be installed with individual passwords for each mailbox.

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