Panasonic VB-44225 22 Key Large Display Black Phone



Panasonic VB-44225 22 Key Large Display Black Phone

  • (Model# VB-44225-B)

Panasonic VB-44225 is a 22 Button Telephone with a large display and a speakerphone. The display has 7 lines. There are 10 soft keys to interact with the large screen display. A total of 29 (15 user definable screens) can be assigned in 8 status conditions to provide ultimate user-friendly flexibility. This telephone comes equipped with a built-in speakerphone for handsfree conversation on outside line calls. It has the 12 programmable feature or line keys with dual colored LEDs and 10 speed dial keys as well. Supports handsfree answerback on intercom, off hook voice announce, and headsets. Requires one digital port and is wall mountable. In addition all of Panasonic DBS phones have the following features:

  • Key Lettering is a part of the key mold, making it impossible for lettering to fade or rub off.
  • Adjustable Display contrast levels adapt to different lighting.
  • Special Material separating the keys from the Printed Circuit Board reduces damage from liquid spills.
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Molded with an extremely durable high impact poly-material.
  • Dual Color LED’s for status indication.
  • Off Hook Voice Announce with text message reply to communicate important information to busy stations.
  • Special Film Coating enables displays to be seen under extremely bright light.
  • Adjustable Base for LCD viewing (4 positions).
  • Built-in Processors provide automatic identification when plugged into any other jack, assuring instant operation.
  • Textured Finish on selected high contact areas, reducing scratching and fingerprinting.
  • 1″ LED Message Waiting Lamp for voice mail/internal message alert.
  • Off Hook Monitoring allows an additional individual to listen to a call through the phone’s speaker while the handset is in use.
  • Handset/speaker mute button

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