Panasonic VB-44110 DTMF Multi-Frequency Receiver MFR/8



Panasonic VB-44110 DTMF Multi-Frequency Receiver MFR/8

  • (Model# VB-44110)
  • The MFR/8 card accepts dialed DTMF tones and determines the dialed digits. Each card contains 8 receiver circuits. This card can be installed in either an option slot or any flexible slot. The maximum number of MFR/8 card in a 96-port (1-cabinet) system; 2MFR/8 cards in a 192-port (2-cabinet)system, …6MFR/8 cards in a 576-port (6-cabinet system). However, all the MFR/8 cards can be placed in the same cabinet

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