Panasonic VB-44020 DBS576 96 Port Base Cabinet



Panasonic VB-44020 DBS576 96 Port Base Cabinet

  • (Model# VB-44020 Stock# DBS576)

The DBS576 is a robust, feature-rich, flexible, reliable phone system that can grow with the company it serves. It is a completely digital system. Information is exchanged between the major components using Pulse Code Modulation (PCM). The conversation exchange between digital telephones is also digital, converting the digital information to analog just before it reaches your handset or speaker. Stored Program Control (SPC) is accomplished via 16-bit and 32-bit processors. This technology controls the powerful system features of the DBS576. Each processors customized memory (program settings) is backed by an on-board, 6 year lithium battery. The system provides maximum protection from outside power surges, with built-in triple surge protection for CO line connectors. 
Some features include:

  • Large phone base – up to 576 ports
  • Simple cabinet structure – base and expansion cabinets have same slot configuration. Up to 2 base cabinets and 4 expansion cabinets.
  • Universal ports – mount Trunk or Extension Cards in any of the 12 Free Slots
  • Seamless expansion – Simply add more cabinets as your needs grow
  • Flash Memory upgrades – upgraded in minutes with a compact flash card. Simply plug it onto the processor card, and perform a few simple programming steps.
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for ISSN digital switching -The DBS 576 provides the ability to allocate bandwidth on demand to several different sources, via hardware installations of special ISDN adapters. It means you can do video-conferencing, data transmission, multiple phones, voice, etc. – all from the same station position. In fact, the DBS 576 offers ISDN support with both BRI (Basic Rate Interface) and PRI (Primary Rate Interface) capability.
  • Computer Telephony interface capability – Panasonic has developed proprietary software for several Computer Telephony applications, in which the desktop phone and the PC computer merge together into a single entity. You can now click-and-drag call transfers, monitor the status of other extensions, generate your own call traffic reports, and many other tasks you could not do before on your desktop computer.
  • Networking services – T-1 Networking lets you tie multiple systems together through the network, so that (for example) when one location closes for the day, its calls can be picked up by another location across the country.
  • Automatic Call Distribution – With the DBS 576 s Built-in ACD option, calls can be automatically distributed to the least-busy extension first, or on a next-available-extension basis. If the extension does not answer the call, you can program the system to continue searching, transfer to a particular extension, transfer to Voice Mail, or disconnect the call. Supervisors can instantly access the current status of all agents right from their desk using a Large-Display telephone – no need for costly computer programs to provide real-time reporting.
  • 2-Way Call Recording – This is another Built-In Option with the DBS 576. Users can record phone conversations, and store them (like voicemail messages) in their mailboxes.

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