Panasonic KX-TA624 R-3 KSU (3X8) Phone System



Panasonic KX-TA624 R-3 KSU (3X8) Phone System

  • (Model# KXTA624-3)

The Panasonic KX-TA624 (KXTA624) is a telephone system which offers the functionality normally associated with larger systems.  It has many features which will enhance your business productivity while helping you to manage the cost of your communications by providing relevant management information.  In addition, it  offers account code entry which enables you to arrange billing of customers, departments or project groups.  It is a system which can grow and change with your business as it offers up to 6 lines and 24 extensions.

In addition it will improve communication by offering a number of useful functions such as conference calling, call management, least cost routing and the ability to connect to your door opener.


  • Call Management – to ensure calls are routed to the correct destination.
  • CLI – caller line identity.
  • Time Service – enabling different settings for different times of the day or night or for lunchtime.
  • Operator / Manager Services –  eg date and time setting, electronic extension lockout, timed reminder, remote wake-up call and extension lock, outgoing message setting (OGM),  set timed service, DSS console features, initial settings, direct extension dialling, one touch dialling, one touch access for system features.
  • Hold
  • Call Waiting – to ensure that users know when a call is waiting.
  • Call Forward – to enable calls to be passed to the correct agent or user.
  • DND – do not disturb function.
  • Music – background music / music on hold.
  • Walking COS  (Class of Service) – allows a user to temporarily apply all the COS functions of their own extension to another extension.
  • Power Failure Transfer
  • Call Barring
  • Call Diversion – to temporarily and automatically route calls to a different extension.

Optional Add Ons

  • Voice Mail Integration – by using the  KX-TVP100 it will allow your calls to be forwarded to a mailbox in the system.
  • Doorphone – the system can be connected to up to 4 doorphones and 4 door openers.
  • DISA – Direct Inward System Access.

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