Panasonic DBS VB-44030 576HD KSU with Power Supply



Panasonic DBS VB-44030 576HD KSU with Power Supply

  • (Model# VB-44030)


  • Panasonice DBS 576 High Density KSU
  • 0 trunks and 8 extensions initial configuration
  • High Density (HD) Cards
    • 16 and 24 Port Extension Cards
    • 24 Port T1 and ISDN PRI Cards
  • Local Area Network TAPI
  • Digital T1/ISDN and Analog Networking Interfaces with Centralized Attendant and Voicemail
  • Universal Ports
  • Full Flexible Slot Availability (Supports High Density Cards in All Flexible Slots)
  • Configures Automatically (Assigns Extension Numbers, Trunk Numbers, and more!)
  • Smaller, More Compact Cabinet Design
  • Seamless Compatibility with DBS 576
  • Flash Memory Upgrades for Port Additions and Software Upgrades
  • Voice Recognition Phones (Special Phones with 576HD can recognize your voice)
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for ISSN Digital Switching
  • Computer Telephony Interface Capability
  • Networking Services
  • Built-In Automatic Call Distribution
  • Capable of Supporting up to 116 ports
  • Contains 7 Slots (1 Power, 1 CPC and 5 Flexible Slots)
  • 8 Built-In DEC Circuits
  • Connector for a 4 AEC Option/API Option
  • Peripherals for Paging Speakers, External Music-On-Hold Sources, Background Music Sources, PCs, Printers, and SMDR Connect to the Unit Cards or the Motherboard

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