Nortel Remote Access Device (FASTRAD) NT8B80AAAD


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Nortel Remote Access Device (FASTRAD) NT8B80AAAD

  • (Model# NT8B80AAAD)


  • The Fast Remote Access Device (FastRAD) is an integral part of local and remote administration and maintenance capabilities of Nortel Norstar telephone systems.
  • The Norstar Fast RAD II is the interface hardware which is located on the customers premises.
  • PC applications such as Norstar Remote Utilities Software use a modem to call and connect to the FastRAD II at the Nortel Norstar system.
  • The FastRAD II modem will support baud rates from 4800 – 14,400 for external connections and 300 – 19,200 for local or direct connections.
  • The FastRAD II is connected to the Nortel Norstar system using a TCM port, and answers a call on the Norstar system trunk line using its built-in modem.

Nortel FastRAD II is compatible with the following systems:

  • 3×8 DR5.1
  • 6×16 DR2 or higher
  • 8×24 DR2 or higher
  • CICS 1.0 or higher
  • MICS 1.0 or higher
  • MICS XC 1.0 or higher

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