Nortel M3904 12 Line Display Speakerphone Charcoal REL. 2


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Nortel M3904 12 Line Display Speakerphone Charcoal REL. 2

  • (Model# M3904 Stock# NTMN34FB-70)
  • Supports up to 12 lines; 56 with Key Module; 36 with Display Module
  • 5-line x 24-character display
  • Personal Directory/Call Log (includes Redial List)
  • Interactive soft keys for quick access to numerous features
  • Fixed feature keys include Hold, Goodbye, Volume Control, “Smart” Mute and Headset w/LED, Options, Message, Directory/Log, Applications, Shift, Handsfree w/LED
  • Options list for maximum customization and personalization
  • User-selectable ring tone
  • Multiple language selection
  • Direct connect headset port
  • Desk or wall mount
  • Supports up to two snap-in cartridge accessories for the Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA-2), External Alert & Recording Interface, and Personal Directory PC Utility


  • The Meridian M3904 digital telephone was first introduced and supported on X11 Release 24.24/24.25, however Release 25 software is recommended

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