NEC DTU-32D-2 32 BTN Speakerphone with LCD – BLACK




NEC 32 BTN Speakerphone with LCD – BLACK

The NEC DTU-32D-2 32 Line Speakerphone with Display is fully modular with 16 flexible line keys and 16 one-touch keys, each with 2-color LEDs, eight function keys, built-in speakerphone, headset jack, wall mount unit, 24-character by 3-line display, four softkeys, large LED, electronic volume and tone control circuits, and a tilt stand.

  • (Model# DTU-32D-2 Stock# 770053)


  • 16 Flexible Line keys and 16 One Touch keys
  • 2-color LED per key indicates call status instantly
  • 3 lines of LCD information displaying 24 characters per line
  • 8 dedicated function keys
  • 4 Softkeys

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