KJB Security Zone Shield WiFi Wall Clock Hidden Camera- C1510WF

$399.00 (exc. tax)

KJB’s Wi-Fi solution built into a ordinary wall clock just hang it on the wall, plug it in and let the camera do the work. You can customize your surveillance system choosing any of our Zone Shield Wi-Fi DVRs styles making sure to blend into your environment and best of all,you can view all on the same free APP!


Get live streaming any time, anywhere with Zone Shield Wi-Fi.

  • View any time from anywhere
  • Playback from the memory card
  • Easy set up using QR code
  • Free live streaming
  • See the action close up using the app with 4x Zoom capabilities
  • Event notification/alert instantly know when someone enters your home or office
  • Real Wi-Fi remote view using a server
  • Use on any smart phone or tablet to view video
  • Records video on a micro memory card up to 64GB, so you still capture video even if your Wi-Fi isn’t working
  • Add as many cameras as you need in any location and see on one app
  • Download app to as many devices as needed
  • 1 year warranty

Best uses: Watch your child’s caregiver, check on your business security, know when the kids come home from school, see what your pet is up too from the other side of the world.