Merlin Magix 2.1 Processor Module



Merlin Magix 2.1 Processor Module

Stock# 617V33K2.1

Calling group agent in multiple calling groups. A calling group agent can be a member of more than one calling group.

Selective login. A calling group agent can selectively log into individual calling groups or can log into all calling groups to which the agent has been assigned as a member.

Selective logout. A calling group agent can selectively log out of individual calling groups or can log out of all calling groups.

Auxiliary Work Time. When a calling group agent activates the Auxiliary Work Time feature, the calling group agent is unavailable to receive calling group calls. When the calling group agent activates or deactivates Auxiliary Work Time, the MERLIN MAGIX system maintains the agent’s logged in or logged out status for calling groups.

Selective Supervisor mode. The new Selective Supervisor mode allows a calling group supervisor to see the login/ logout status for all assigned group members and delay announcement units (DAUs) assigned to the calling group. The calling group supervisor can see which extensions that have selectively logged into an individual calling group. In this mode, the supervisor can log in or log out any extension assigned the group.

Enhanced TSAPI events and services. The MERLIN MAGIX system and the MERLIN MAGIX PBX Driver are enhanced to provide services providing more information about calling groups and extensions. This allows CRM applications to automatically configure their database with the support and overflow groups for an individual calling Group. The application can also query the state of Do Not Disturb and Message Waiting lights at an extension allowing for a more accurate MERLIN MAGIX system view when the application is initiated. The restrictions that prevent the Deflect Call Service are removed.

Caller ID display enhancement. For customers who do not subscribe to Caller ID service or who do not have loop-start lines connected to modules that support caller ID service (800 GS/LS-ID, 408 GS/LS-ID-MLX, or 412 LS-ID-TDL modules), only the programmed label for the line appears on display telephones when a call is received on the line. The No Caller ID label does not appear on display telephones as on previous releases. This enhancement is system wide and requires no system programming.

SPM 6.0 WinSPM 6.0 software offers an automatic conversion program via the DOS-emulator version of SPM and flow control for the programming thru the serial port or remotely thru the built in modem.WinSPM will help thru the upgrade process to make it simple and utilize less time.WinSPM is backward compatible.

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