Avaya ZC1 General Purpose Adapter


Avaya ZC1 General Purpose Adapter

  • (Stock# 2301-GPA)
  • Connect an analog device such as Fax, Credit Card Reader, Modem or Polycom Conference phone to your existing Merlin System.


  • Connects one tip/ring telephone device to your Merlin Telephone, allowing you to have a telephone and an additional device at a workstation without adding a dedicated line
  • Devices you can add: Answering Machine, Fax, Credit Card Reader, Modem, Automatic Dialer, Etc.
  • If GPA is used in telephones second jack, headset or speakerphone cannot be used on that telephone Compatible with Merlin Plus, Merlin 1030/3070, Merlin II, and Merlin Legend (ATL Sets only) NOT compatible with Merlin 206/410/820, Merlin Legend MLX Sets or System 25
  • Merlin 206 or 410 requires Feature Package 1 or 2
  • Merlin 820 requires Feature Package 2

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