Avaya Transtalk Dual Radio Module 600A1 DRM-E



Avaya Transtalk Dual Radio Module 600A1 DRM-E


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  • TransTalk 9040 Dual Radio Module for use with the TransTalk 9040 Wireless handset. For use in the Partner and Legend environments.
  • This module can support up to two wireless handsets. It is compatible with single and dual zone configurations. Allows linked configuration for connecting more than one radio module to a single station port.The new module eliminates the need for the Carrier Assembly units that were required on the TransTalk 9031 phones.
  • The modules are now line powered, eliminating the need for a separate, local AC power supply. The modules can be self-standing or wall mounted on a standard mounting bracket.
  • Transtalk Dual Radio Module for Partner/Legend Systems is compatible with the following systems:
  • All Partner Systems All Legend Systems (with ETR ports) All Merlin Systems (with ATL ports)

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