Avaya Partner Messaging R7.0 (6-Port)



Avaya Partner Messaging R7.0 (6-Port)


  • Stock#700323207-6
  • 200 Mailboxes / 100 Hours of storage time / 4 Auto Attendants
  • Create up to 4 Auto Attendants
  • Create up to 99 messages used by the automated attendants
  • Create customized messages: (i.e., Hours of operation, Store directions, “Press 1 for sales”, “Press 2 for technical”…etc)
  • Find an extension using the dial by name directory.
  • Converts you voice messages into .wav files and sends them to your email inbox as an attachment. Just open and click the email to hear the message.
  • Listen to messages, delete, forward
  • Change/Create passwords
  • Listen to a message while it is being left by incoming caller
  • Create personal distribution lists
  • Record a call
  • Auto Copy
  • Preview Messages
  • Speed up and slow down message playback
  • Night Service: After hours message distribution
  • After hours message distribution

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