Alcatel 4020 IP Premium Reflexes Phone Graphite


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Alcatel 4020 IP Premium Reflexes Phone Graphite

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The Alcatel 4020 Premium Reflex phone is a digital telephone that from the Premium Reflexes range that is compatible with the OmniPCX 4400 system. The 4020 Premium Reflexes is a multi line telephone with a one-line by twenty character display and a built in QWERTY keyboard, which can store up to 60,000 names. The navigation feature and built in user guide allow for easy access to an array of features, however, the 4020 Premium Reflex phone also has the option of connecting an add-on module, should additional features be required.

The Alcatel 4020 Premium Reflex (part number 3AK27098) is available from MF Communications in graphite, fully tested and remanufactured and with a warranty. An IP version of this telephone, known as the 4020IP is also available (part number 3AK26041UB/3AK27137).

Key Features of the Alcatel 4020 Premium Reflex Graphite

  • 12 Feature Keys 1-line x 20-character Display Screen Multi Line Menu & Release Key Storage of up to 60,000 names Dial by name Text Mini Messaging Hands Free Add-on Module

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