NEC Electra Elite IPK VMP(X)-U40 ETU Voicemail



The EliteMail VMP(X)-U40 ETU, is a 2-port, 4-port, or 8-port interface that can be installed in any interface slot in the Electra Elite system. The 2-port or 4-port configuration includes one digital signal processor (DSP); the 8-port configuration requires an optional DSP-U30 Unit.


  • The NEC Elite IPK VMP(X)-U40 Voice Mail Hardware Platform is a voice mail base unit and auto attendant solution. It must be combined with a flash card which provides voice mail storage and voice mail ports.
  • This ETU is equipped with an internal modem.
  • EliteMail VMP Hardware Platform equipped to support up to 4 Voice Mail Ports, 8 with optional DSP.
  • Requires one interface slot position in a KSU.
  • Maximum of one per system. Requires media storage/software FMXX(2/4/8)/HD(4/8) for storage and voice processing application.

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