Panasonic KX-TDA5180 4 CO Trunk Lines



4-Port Loop Start CO Card (LCOT4) 4 ports per card. 2 ports have power failure transfer. 1 optional (KX-TDA5193) 4 port caller ID can be mounted to support caller ID. Please refer to KX-TDA50 System Capacities Chart #5 prior to configuring a system.

  • The Panasonic KX-TDA5180 is a 4 Port Loop Start CO Card (LCOT4)
  • The Panasonic KX-TDA5180 adds up to four more phone lines to the KX-TDA50 system.
  • Two ports have power failure transfer.
  • One optional KX-TDA5193 4-port Caller ID card can be can be mounted on it to support called ID.


  • Compatible with KX-TDA50G and KX-TDA50 Telephone Systems
  • Support up to 4 CO Lines per Card
  • Requires KX-TDA5193 Daughter Board for Caller ID Information
  • Card requires 1 free slot
  • One Card comes Built in to the System
  • Maximum of 3 additional Cards may be added
  • Part Number: KX-TDA5180