Panasonic KX-TDA5172 8-Port Digital Extension Card




Panasonic KX-TDA5172 8-Port Digital Extension Card

  • (Model# KX-TDA5172)

Supports only Panasonic KX-T7600, KX-T7400, KX-T7200 digital proprietary telephones.If you are using 7400 or 7200 series phones, you may be required to add an additional power supply to your KX-TDA50 system. Add 8 digital extension ports to your PBX system. KX TDA5172 is the most popular option to easily expand your KX-TDA50 system. Each KX-TDA50 can only support Two KXTDA5172 expansion cards.

  • Hybrid IP 8-Port Digital Card (DLC8)
  • 8 Ports Per Card
  • Supports KX-T7600, KX-T7400, KX-T7200 Series Phones DSS Console
  • Supports 2 Port Cell Station Voice Mail
  • Two Card Per System

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