NEC Electra Elite IPK VMP(X)-U30 ETU Voicemail



With combined function capabilities and Automated Attendant features, the EliteMail VMP can manage one’s office’s communication needs accurately, efficiently and courteously. The sophisticated Automated Attendant ensures that calls are answered and routed quickly and efficiently.


  • Full digital integration
  • Alpha/numeric directory
  • Automated attendant
  • BRU utility (back-up, restore, update)
  • Call holding
  • Caller ID call return
  • Caller screening
  • Constant message count to LCD
  • Control access to notification field
  • Day and time stamp
  • Daylight-savings time schedule
  • Disk full warning
  • Fax detect routing and notification
  • Guest mailboxes
  • Immediate disconnect/replay
  • Live monitor
  • Live record
  • Message cancellation prior to review
  • Message redirection
  • Message rewind, pause and fast-forward
  • Message waiting notification
  • On-line reports
  • Port independence
  • Remote maintenance
  • Future and return receipt requested
  • Speed keys for power users
  • System administrator passwords
  • Transfer to attendant
  • Trunk mapping
  • Voice detect
  • Volume control during message playback

Note: This is only a hardware platform; you have to add a voicemail drive for ports and storage.