Iwatsu Adix IX-DTI-T T-1 Interface Card (102210)



The IX-DTI-T T1 Interface Card connects the T1 digital circuit to the ADIX system. The IX-DTI-T T1 Interface Card provides a maximum of 24 digital channels that can be individually selected through database programming.NOTE:Depending on how the T1 channels are configured, an IX-T1RCV DTMF Receiver Card may be required. IX-DTI-T T1 Interface Card Features: Automatic TLP(Tone Level Placement)adjustment. On-board Status Indicators.Eight LEDs show the status of the IX-DTI-T T1 Interface Card operation. Indicators include a red alarm, a yellow alarm, master/slave status, master clock, unit status in test mode, and operating status. Serial Interface Connector. The image displayed is for illustrative purposes only and may not be the product listed