The ADTRAN Total Reach OCU-R is a span-powered termination unit designed to deliver data rates up to 64 kbps and provide testing functionality at the customer premises. Used in combination with the Total Reach DDS-DP unit, the Total Reach OCU-R converts the 2-wire Total Reach signal to the traditional 4-wire DDS signal for presentation to the customer. The Total Reach OCU-R is an auto-rate adaptive digital network interface located at the customer premises point of demarcation. The OCU-R will deliver a standard four-wire signal up to 18 kft beyond the OCU-R. Both customer and network interfaces are equipped with outside plant lightning protection. The customer interface is capable of receiving signals attenuated to –45 dB at the NyQuist frequency of four-wire AMI DDS. In addition to terminating the 2-wire extended range signal, the Total Reach OCU-R functions as a regenerative loopback device supporting Telco generated testing. The Total Reach OCU-R unit is available in T200 mechanics, and may be optioned for 0 dB or -10 dB output toward the customer. Features:

  • Two-wire deployment
  • Repeater-less operation
  • Bridged tap tolerant
  • Span-powered
  • DB-9 craft interface access for provisioning, testing, and performance monitoring
  • Frame IQ provides physical layer and Frame Relay PM
  • ADS-6 provides in-band PM access
  • Protected Loopback prevents false latching loopback at 64 kbps
  • Auto-rate adaptation on sub rates, 19.2 and 56 kbps rates, including secondary channel, and 64 kbps clear channel capability
  • LED indicators for SYNC, CRC, Service Rate, NTWK Loopback, CUST Loopback, and Alternate Provisioning
  • T200 mechanics
  • Signal-level indication during synchronization
  • Extended range on customer interface up to 18 kft or 45 dB
  • Sealing current of 12 mA on four wire customer interface

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