NEC SL1100 60-Button DSS Console 1100065



One of the best office phone add-ons, this 60-key DSS Console is a brilliant time-saver for anyone needing to access a multiple extensions quickly. Your time is precious, and there is no doubt that this console will reduce the amount of time you spend dialing the most frequently called numbers that you contact throughout your day.

Each DSS console is equipped with a 2-step leg angle adjustment and wall-mounting hardware. This console uses a digital station port. A maximum of four consoles may be used per extension, not exceeding 10 consoles per system.

Console Features

  • Maximumn of 4 DSS Consoles per extension
  • Maximum of 10 DSS Consoles per system
  • Each console takes up 1 digital station port
  • 2-Step leg angle adjustment
  • Wall-mounting hardware
  • Uses a digital station port
  • Available in Black or White

Additional information